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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Party Bus Rental In Chicago?

Are you in a group of anywhere between 12 to 30 people Near the Chicagoland Area? And require to move from point A to Point B. Your traveling should be the start of the fun-filled day ahead. Hiring the right people carrier can decide how memorable your special day is going to be. Black Car Everywhere has the ability to kick start your party right from the time you put your foot on our party bus. 

No matter which part of the Chicago area or far suburbs you live and need Party Transportation. We provide Quality Stretch Limousines, Mercedes Sprinters, or party buses to cater to any occasion and any party. Bus rental heavily depends on how many passengers you would like to accommodate.

What brand of party bus you would like to acquire? Are you hiring it for one side or is it a round trip? And what services you are looking to add with it. The answer to your question is it could be anywhere between $199 to $499. Always confirm that are you getting a base rate or all-inclusive rates if you want to avoid any surprises.

How Many Passengers Can Adjust In Party Bus Rental Chicago?

There is a wide range of party buses available now. The arrival of the Mercedes Sprinter Van as a party rental has not only brought the party bus rental to smaller groups of people. It also provided luxury with swift and comfortable transportation. Larger buses have their own perks that are not easy to ignore. You can fit between 15 to 36 passengers in a party bus depending on what you are hiring.

Black Car Everywhere is your ultimate solution to your party bus hiring dilemmas. We provide you a huge choice of vehicles and services to make your day even more memorable. You can choose any bracket of passenger group and we have a vehicle to accommodate you. 

Mercedes Sprinter for smaller groups of party-goers from 8 to 14 people. Ford Party Bus for the larger groups is always ready to pick you up with a trained chauffeur at the wheel. Our services are legendary and premier in Chicago, but our prices are very competitive so anyone can afford them.

Limo & Party Bus (Upto 14 Passengers)
Limo & Party Bus (Upto 14 Passengers)
Private Car and Limo Service in New Lenox IL

Can I Hire A Party Bus Rental Near Chicago?

The simple answer to this question is, absolutely yes. You can hire any type of party bus rental service in Chicago and expect the best and most luxurious service in Chicago. There is a huge range of companies striving to provide best suited and best-equipped party rentals in Chicago. You can choose according to the number of passengers you would like to be accommodating. 

You can choose the additional services to suit the occasion. As well as seating arrangement, neon lighting styles, drinks and refreshments, and entertainment. Black Car Everywhere has over a decade of experience in providing party bus rental in the Chicagoland area. You can consider us the most trusted and reliable local business all over the Chicago suburbs

Our party bus rental comes with a professional chauffeur and a range of special services that make your special day memorable. Our services have the ability to exceed your expectations and our charges are sure to soothe your nerves.

What Are The Party Bus Rental Chicago Prices?

The price range starts from $199 to $1999 and there are many factors that contribute to the price range. The biggest factor to determine the price is if you are hiring the party bus rental on an hourly basis. Are you are looking for point-to-point Service? If it is one-sided travel or a round trip. Then a number of passengers play an important role as this means a different category of vehicles. Amenities within the party bus can alter the prices. Such as seating arrangements, number of hours, and distance. The ambiance of the bus environment and what sort of arrangements you require.

Black Car Everywhere provides the best party bus rental service From 14 passengers to 36 passengers. We can cover your all the occasion and events Near Chicago and surrounding areas at the most affordable price range

Our fleet of brand new vehicles is always the best in town and our staff at the booking office is professional and pleasant to speak with. Book our services to see the real difference we make for the special occasions in your life.

3 Ways to Hire Party Bus Rental Chicago Suburbs

The first thought that goes through your mind when planning a party. How to get the appropriate transportation for the special day? If you have a group of between 12 to 30 people then a stretch SUV limo is not going to cut it. You would need a party bus to accommodate more than 12 people and to get one there are three ways that can be most productive.

  • Research Online

If you are putting so much effort to make your special day memorable. Then it makes sense to pay special heed in researching the right transportation for the party. A simple search on Google can introduce some of the reliable and trusted names in this business.


  • Yellow Pages & Directories


Yellow pages are the most appropriate way to find local businesses and compare the services and prices. So, pick up the directory or search online to have a fair idea.

  • Ask from Locals

The most reliable way of knowing the reputation of a local business is to know from the locals of that area. They can provide the most authentic feedback on good companies operating in the area such as Black Car Everwhere.

What is the Difference Between mini party bus Chicago and SUV Stretch Limo?

Are you wondering what is the difference between a mini party bus and an SUV stretch limo? Then you are not alone. Let us clarify this for you. The SUV stretch limo is a bigger limousine with a higher ride experience and extra headroom for the passenger and can accommodate between 10 to 15 passengers. These vehicles have more storage options as well.

Party bus is required, when your passengers are anywhere between 15 to 30. A mini party bus is more suitable when passengers do not require storage but need more space to accommodate more passengers.

Both vehicles have their own advantages and perks and a simple call to  Black Car Everywhere can clarify the confusion.

Limo & Party Bus (Upto 14 Passengers)
Limo & Party Bus (Upto 14 Passengers)
Limo Service Lombard IL