Stretch Limo Rental Chicago

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Black Car Everywhere is aiming to provide limo services at very comparative rates. Our aim is to make the prices right according to your budget. Traveling in Chicago in a stretch limo is a great way to explore the attractions. You can get the extra capacity in the stretch limo, and the amenities that you get complimentary from us. We can make your traveling experience memorable with Strech Limo Rental Chicago.

Stretch Limo Rental Chicago

  • No Cancelation fee if you cancel prior to 48 hours
  • We Serve Complimentary Bottle of Waters
  • Special Promotion on Parties
  • All the vehicles are fully sanitize


Black Car Everywhere is offering Stretch Limo Rental Chicago available near the Chicagoland area and all Chicago Suburbs. Whether you live near the city of Chicago or any part of Chicago suburbs, We are available everywhere. Get Stretch Limo Rental Chicago for all of your occasions and events.



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How To Find Stretch Limo Rental Chicago?

Are You Looking For Stretch Limo Rental Near Chicago? Or Stretch Limousine Near Chicago Suburbs? Black Car Everywhere is an expert in providing stretch limo service in Chicagoland and surrounding areas. You will always get the latest model with a spacious interior and disco lighting. We can provide you stretch limo service in white and Black color, right according to your need. We are the best option for you in Chicagoland with the competitive rate. 

Hiring a stretch limo rental service from us means you would be taking advantage of our experienced and trusted team of professionals that run the show. Our fleet consists of brand new vehicles and we clean and sanitize them after each engagement. Our chauffeurs are highly trained, who are local and know the whole Chicagoland area like the back of their hand. They are professional, friendly, and discreet. You get complimentary drinks, strobe lights, red carpet rolling (optional) to make your days somewhat special.

What Is The Cost To Hire Stretch Limousine By The Hour?

It is only natural to inquire about the charges that may incur when you order a stretch limousine. Everyone is keen to know if they can afford one. Truth be told it depends on many factors how much a stretch limo should cost. Usually, our service starts from $110 per hour and on weekends it’s between $140 to $150. We can offer you Different types of limos that have different hourly rates. If you are booking us for long hours, you can get a discount for additional hours. 

Hourly Rates depend on the initial cost and value of the vehicle, its current value, and its demand. The rule of thumb is that the more luxury or larger the limousine, the higher the hourly rate. We start our rates start from $110 and can go up according to the distance. It depends on what is your drop-off location and what extra services you wish to need with it. Our vehicles always come clean and sanitized and our chauffeurs are pleasant and professional. They know the local area very well and can take you to your destination in the quickest time possible. 

Are You planning For the party Limousine? No Problem! How far from the city or Suburbs you live. We can make our service available anywhere in the Chicagoland area. If you need a party transportation vehicle and presumably, you need a really good one too. The easiest way is to contact Black Car Everywhere and they would sort that out for you.

How Can I Book My Stretch Limo Rental With Black Car Everywhere?

  1. Go to the website and fill in the details to book your ultimate party transport such as stretch limousine or stretch SUV limo for your party.
  2. You can call on the number given on the website and book your party vehicle with a customer service agent.
  3. You can email us for the quote, and book once you receive it. 
  4. You can reach us via social channels, such as Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, and a lot more.
  5. You can contact us in any way, shape, or form and we would contact you back with the booking details. We can assure you that, we have a range of vehicles that can accommodate the party crowd and manage their requirements very well at the most economical rates.

5 Ways to Get Stretch Limo Rental Chicago & Suburbs

Planning a party anywhere in the main Chicagoland area? You are going to need a party transportation vehicle. A really cool one too. The question is how you get one. Let’s have a quick look at 5 ways to ensure you get the best party transportation in the Chicagoland area.

  • Research

You are spending a considerable amount to make that day memorable. Why not research the reputation of the company you are hiring. Find online reviews, user ratings and you would get a fair idea of their repute.

  • Google It

Just Google “the best party transportation in Chicago” and that is it. Get in touch and you are sure to find many great offers. All you have to do is get in touch and ask what is on offer. 

  • Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews are a great way of knowing a business’s reputation. You can identify the top reviewed businesses and contact them for a guaranteed great service.

  • Local Listings

Most reliable are local listings made by the residents. You can look at them and get in contact with top trending listings. 

  • Word of Mouth

Ask someone in Chicago about the best party transpiration services. They can give you a piece of honest advice. Ask for their experience and rates charged and make your decision based on those opinions. Black Car Everywhere is Chicago’s most reliable service provider.

We offer the best rates that save your money and provide quality Party Transport. We can assure you, that we have a wide range of vehicles that can accommodate the party crowd. No matter, how many people in your group, we can manage your travel need better than anyone else. Book us in advance and get the most economical rates.

Difference between Point To Point & Hourly Stretch Limo Rental Chicago

Are you looking to hire a stretch limo Service near the Chicagoland area? It’s only natural to be curious about the rates that you have to pay eventually for the rental. Black Car Everywhere prides itself to provide the most affordable rates for Stretch Limo Rental Chicago. There are two ways to hire the service. Either you can book hourly Service or you can book point to point.

which means, on flat-rate point to point service, we can pick you up from one point and then take you to the other. This works well if you do not have to stop or visit anywhere during the travel and limit your point to point. The other option is to pay an hourly rate for the hiring of the stretch limo. Hourly rates are a better choice as you can spend as much as you like.

When you book hourly, you can stop where ever you would like to and as much as you would like. Most companies charge a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for each booking, but with us, You can start from 3 hours to an unlimited number of hours.

Stretch Limo Rental Chicago For Wedding & Anniversaries

Weddings and anniversaries are important occasions. It requires special transportation to make the events memorable. Are You Looking For Stretch Limousine Service Near Chicago For Wedding? Fortunately, Black Car Everywhere is on hand to provide stretch limo rental service in the Chicagoland area at very competitive prices. Once you have landed on our page, booking our service is a breeze.

You can choose any medium to contact us that suits you from thereon. If we have your required vehicles available on the day of the booking, we would be happy to oblige. Our vehicles come cleaned and sanitized every time you order. Our fleet of brand new vehicles is large enough to cater to any occasion and any capacity. Our chauffeurs are true professionals who can make your wedding or anniversary a memorable day to cherish for you.

Can I Get Stretch Limo Rental Chicago For Airport Transportation?

Absolutely!  What better way to start your party as soon as you get off a boring flight than to go straight into our stretch limo. You can enjoy a great sound system, a bar full of complimentary soft drinks, and lighting to lift up your mood. Are you traveling to Chicago or any Suburb? Do you need The Stretch Limousine Near O’Hare Airport?  Our large fleet of vehicles is well suited to any requirement you throw at us. Let us know if you are looking for Stretch Limousine Near Midway Airport. Black Car Everywhere can arrange to send the stretch limousine with a chauffeur in the right attire to pick you up right from the terminal you are arriving at with your name card in his hands.

We can provide any vehicle you require and can add any extra service such as the role of red carpet etc. Just confirm your booking by visiting our page and we’ll take care of the rest. Call us 24/7 at (708)-770-0805 or email us for a free quote at