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The World’s Premier Lifestyle and Sporting Club


As the most exclusive club of its kind, the Bronze Buffalo Club enriches its membership through shared experiences in the world's most inaccessible and remarkable places. These timeless experiences shared with the club's hand-picked membership, make membership in the Bronze Buffalo Club truly priceless.


Access to the Inaccessible –
Special Access to Once in a lifetime Events

With very few memberships extended each year an invitation to join the
Bronze Buffalo Club affords you one of the most unique and
distinguished invitations in the world and places you in the ranks of
a very intimate and influential group of individuals whom all share
similar values and appreciations for life.

Creating and Strengthening Relationships
through Shared Experiences

Members alone enjoy member-only access to all BBC Recreational
Properties and member-only-invitations to “Unique Shared Experiences”
offered in a robust annual BBC Calendar of club hosted Adventure
Trips, Signature Events, and Retreat Experiences. Membership also
enjoys 24/7 Bronze Buffalo Luxury and Sportsman Concierges services
along with numerous other benefits.


the Bronze Buffalo Club Headquarters located minutes south of Jackson
Hole, Wyoming. We exclusively invite BBC members along with their
families and friends to enjoy the unique experiences and traditions
that come from a Western way of life. We invite you to forever make
those traditions and experience a part of your heritage and legacy. To
be passed down from generation to generation.

By Invitation Only

Membership to the Bronze Buffalo Club is by nomination from an existing member.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our membership team by clicking here.