Combine Spinning

Combine Spinning Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and is located in Pakistan. The Company has a Rotor Spinning Facility and a Ring Spinning Facility making specialized yarns.
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Ring Spinning & Rotor Spinning

The Ring Spinning facility produces different yarns including Pure Fiber Yarns and Blended Fiber yarns. Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Tencel & Acrylic are the regular materials run to provide a wide range of products.They are available in coarse and fine counts, in single and double ply options, and in naturals and dyed colors.
The Rotor Spinning Unit specializes in the production of Regenerated yarn in various blends. These eco friendly yarns have paved their way in many different textiles and we continue our R&D to broaden the horizons and pay an integral part in the world sustainability goals. Our distinguishing feature is the range of blends possible.


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