Tarbiyah Program:

At DSS the foremost importance is given to the tarbiyah of students where the teachers serve as role models. The curriculum itself is designed in a fashion that provides the opportunity for teachers to carry out the responsibility of doing tarbiyah in class during their lessons. As and when needed, students are counseled individually without hurting their self-respect.  Lectures for students are also arranged occasionally. Tarbiyah Homework is sent weekly and feedback is taken.


The overall curriculum is designed in a manner that focuses on the upbringing of our students within the boundaries of the Quran and Sunnah. Its most important goal is to nurture and develop Muslim children through a comprehensive educational system based on the teachings of Islam for success in this Duniya and the Aakhira.

Arabic Language:

We teach Arabic as a language where our aim is to read, write, and speak Arabic. The purpose of studying Arabic at the Deen Schooling System is to gain direct access to the sources of our religion. In preschool, 40% of school time is dedicated to Arabic.

Class size:

At DSS, we believe in catering to individual needs of every student which is why the class size is small with 16 students (maximum) and a teacher to student ratio of 1:4 in Quran class and 1:8 in contemporary studies.

Customized Qura’n Program” هدى للمتقين”

We have an innovative and friendly Qur’an memorization program that works with every student to build a personal relationship with the Qur’an. The Hifz targets being realistic, are set according to the individual competency and aptitude of the student and the focus remains a positive association rather than the only memorization. Apart from memorization, the Qur’an program focuses on beautiful recitation with tajweed and understanding. It’s a motivational program where students are rewarded in various forms and the teachers are a source of continuous encouragement. Unlike the conventional system of memorization, this program has no room for punishment and hence it is stress-free.

Early reading “Read, Lead and Succeed”

DSS encourages reading across the curriculum from an early age in order to help students grow intellectually. In the primary section, students are encouraged to write book reports. Students are regularly rewarded with certificates for reading a significant number of books.

Cocurricular activities

We strongly believe that co-curricular activities play a significant role in the development of a child’s personality. A variety of events and competitions at DSS provide a unique learning opportunity to every single student that improves their self-confidence ​and relationships with​ peers and teachers.

School-Home communication

Keeping in mind the importance of maintaining a quick, smooth, and effective communication with parents, the school utilizes modern technology in the form of Whatsapp groups besides a school portal to keep in touch.

Hard skills

It is an activity-based program designed to develop real-life skills in students, making them self-reliant and independent. The students work in different areas and with different materials which enhances their focus, aesthetics, and a better understanding of scientific concepts.