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About Us

Alphabetz , a subsidiary of the Iqra Education Society (IES), is one of several non profit organizations committed to the development and delivery of top quality educational services that honor and promote moderate mainstream Islamic values. IES is thrilled to provide the families of the Surrey/Delta community with a positive and healthy learning atmosphere, coupled with foundational Islamic values.

Iqra Education Society

Mission and Vission

Iqra Daycare Team

Our Programs

The establishment of Alphabetz echoes the communal demand for early childhood education. In order to best meet that demand, our institution has launched a bundle of programs which we feel best suit the immediate needs of the community. If you do not find a program that suits your needs, please contact us so we can notify you if and when any new programs are created.

Children 30-months to 5 years of age

Play, Learn & Grow

Take a look into our day to day life here at Iqra Education Alphabetz Center

  • Initial / Deep Clean

    This service coming soon.

  • Bathrooms

    • Clean tub, tile and shower
    • Clean shower doors
    • Clean and sanitize sinks and polish faucets
    • Clean and sanitize toilet interior and exterior
    • Clean mirrors and glass
    • Clean and sanitize countertops
    • Wipe cabinets and drawer exteriors
    • Vacuum all carpets
    • Replace and fold towels (customer supplied)
    • Empty trash and replace liner
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Clean floors
  • Living Areas

    • Dust furniture
    • Clean all floors (vacuum, sweep, mop)
    • Wipe all doors and light switches
    • Dust all electronics
    • Dust window sills
    • Dust pictures and lamps
    • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Kitchen / Dinning Room

    • Clean and sanitize all countertop surfaces
    • Wipe cabinet/ drawer exteriors
    • Clean and sanitize backsplashes
    • Clean and sanitize microwave interior and exterior
    • Clean and sanitize exterior of all other appliances
    • Clean and sanitize floors (vacuum, sweep, mop)
    • Clean and sanitize sinks and faucets (polish chrome)
    • Remove spider webs and dust from ceiling/wall corners
    • Clean dining room table and chairs
    • Empty trash bins and replace bags
    • Dust window sills
  • Bedroom

    • Make beds and change linens if customer requests
    • Dust picture frames
    • Dust window sills
    • Dust and vacuum furniture
    • Dust lamps and light fixtures within reach
    • Clean mirrors and pictures
    • Clean floors (Vacuum, sweep, mop)
    • Empty trash and replace liners