FluidLytix Water

50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI

Meet or exceed your sustainability goals with a patented and proven hardware solution that lowers water spend by 10-30% and consumption by 3-6% with a guaranteed payback of 24 months or less, 50% + IRR and 400% + ROI. Compound Get the analytics you need to reduce your water footprint as part of our comprehensive solution.

Candidates include hospitality groups, theme parks, country clubs, golf courses, power plants, healthcare properties, HOA’s, commercial property portfolios, agriculture, food processing and beverage companies among others.

Savings on annual
water bills

Volte Communications

Analog Line Replacement

Volte Communications is a next-generation integrator and supplier of proven wireless technology solutions focused on ensuring companies gain a competitive edge during the industries decommissioning of analog copper telephone lines (POTS). The areas of service include alarms, elevators, call boxes, work-from-home, fax, gate access and more.

Candidates include office buildings, malls, universities, airports, schools, retail chains, multi-family properties among others.

Savings over
analog lines

Volte Power

Originating from military application, our US designed power technology provides a grid and appliance interface that lowers your electricity bills by up to 10%. Our product is scaleable and customizable to ensure your business is winning the cost-saving initiative.

Particularly relevant to manufacturing facilities , hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, retail stores, and distribution centers.

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Savings on annual
electricity bills

Volte Air

Cloud-based software solution that delivers cost-reductions of 20-30% annually. Commercial applications have generated savings in excess of $100k. Minimal Capex required, swift installation, and performancebased shared savings models.

Candidates include office buildings, malls, universities, airports, schools, and arenas.

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Savings on annual air
conditioning bills

Volte Eniscope

Real-time Energy Monitoring

ReTech delivers probably the most complete energy management solution in the world, helping you to identify waste and eliminate costs. It combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform in one holistic solution.

By implementing our IoT solution we can effectively measure and verify energy saving solutions and advance the savings to the customer.

This means ZERO capital is required from the customer and they can immediately capitalize on energy savings for years to come.

Zero Capital